Pool Tables

Champs provides one of the best billiards atmospheres with quality pool tables and equipment. With a total of 8 pool tables there is never a long wait to try out your skills after you watch the big game.

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Karaoke Details

We have the equipment, the music, and the know-how to make you a star! Our dynamic sound system with 4 wireless microphones, 4 Bose speakers backed by a computerized Karaoke format is the Best in Wichita! Let us take you away from the stress of everyday living and create a fun atmosphere where you can sing, dance, or simply sit back, relax and enjoy quality entertainment.

Our Karaoke Hosts are well practiced in assisting new singers and may join them to help them get started if asked. They will provide the second voice on any duets they are familiar with should a singer need a partner.

The singer rotation is fair. The earlier you arrive at a show and put in a song, the more chances you will have to sing. New singers are generally placed at the end of the existing rotation. In some instances, the host may insert new singers or shift singers a slot or two.

In short, if you get bumped a slot this time, you may be bumped up later. It is all about the fun and socializing with new and old friends that enjoys singing. If you get bumped, use that extra 4 minutes and take advantage of our great drink specials, meet new friends and have a good time!